Our Newest line of products are being manufactured for the Aviation markets.

The AEROGEN™ line of  generators and the AEROELECTRIC™ accessories.

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A supplier of LOCAL POWER™ to Industry and Consumers

Genergy Line of products meets the needs of everyone in major /minor disasters.

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RDU™ Rapidly Deployable Unit and the SU™ Stationary Unit. 

Rapid Deployable Unit applications:
Disaster Relief 
Search and Rescue 
Acts of Sabotage 
The RDU™ is designed to be either prepositioned in strategic locations or immediately transported after a natural disaster. The RDU™ is the rapid response alternative to cumbersome diesel generator sets of equal power.

The Genergy line of products incorporate state of the art turbine technology to produce heat, electricity and sanitary steam at the consumer level.

The Genergy units are offered as two basic Models in the 2-7 Mw Power Output Range

We offer a gas turbine powered generator small enough to be easily aircraft transportable, light enough to be roof top mounted, and powerful enough to serve the customer’s needs.

SU™ The Stationary Unit.
This innovative Energy source is installed at the customer’s facility and is designed to supply ALL facility energy needs.

Stationary Unit applications:
Hospitals’ Water Treatment Facilities, Data Centers, Research Centers, Manufacturing Centers,
Farming (hydroponics, fish, and dirt), Mining (air handling units/electricity/pumps) Schools