A supplier of LOCAL POWER™ to Industry and Consumers

SU™ The Stationary Unit.
This innovative Energy source is installed at the customer’s facility and is designed to supply ALL facility energy needs.

Stationary Unit applications:
Hospitals’ Water Treatment Facilities, Data Centers, Research Centers, Manufacturing Centers,
Farming (hydroponics, fish, and dirt), Mining (air handling units/electricity/pumps) Schools

RDU™ Rapidly Deployable Unit and the SU™ Stationary Unit. 

Rapid Deployable Unit applications:
Disaster Relief 
Search and Rescue 
Acts of Sabotage 
The RDU™ is designed to be either prepositioned in strategic locations or immediately transported after a natural disaster. The RDU™ is the rapid response alternative to cumbersome diesel generator sets of equal power.

Local Power™, a New Turbine technology greatly improving the energy producing aspects of gas turbine powered electrical generators that operate on gaseous and/or liquid fuel.

Energy Conservation

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Incorporate state of the art turbine technology to produce heat, electricity and sanitary steam at the Local Power™ consumer level.

The units are offered as two basic Models in the 2-7 Mw Power Output Range

We offer a gas turbine powered generator small enough to be easily aircraft transportable, light enough to be roof top mounted, and powerful enough to serve the customer’s needs.