Turbine Power and Electromechanical Specialists
GEG® provides turbine engine services, research, design, and technical expertise in the energy and power related fields. Our company is committed to providing cost effective turbine engine and component repairs, tooling and machine shop, certified testing, and rapid delivery. Our firm specializes in new areas of energy design, with full capabilities for prototype design and manufacture.
Our team has over 50 years of experience and offers a full spectrum of inspection and maintenance services for turbine engines. GEG® is partnered with other companies and organizations to research and develop new and affordable power technologies for national and international deployments.
GEG® is a specialist of the gas turbine engine system and its related components. Our technicians are trained by the original OEM factory.

•       Full engine servicing, overhaul, and maintenance
•       Engine and modular mechanical evaluations
•       OEM sub-assembly and kit packaging
•       LRU repairs and overhaul
•       Airframe Composite Repair
•       Coatings/Bonding/Machining
•       Doubler Design/Repair
•       NDT
•       Quality Assurance Testing
•       Tooling and design facilities

•       Inventory parts tracking

A supplier of LOCAL POWER™ to Industry and Consumers

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